It All Started…….

It all started in Big Spring Texas in December of 1950. I was born a poor little white boy on the wrong side of the tracks. Actually I am not sure which side of the tracks I was born on. As for being poor, yep, almost everyone in Big Spring was poor in 1950. I was the oldest of what would turn out to be 6 children. I had three sisters and one brother (another brother showed up later but that is another post) There was also a half sister and half brother who showed up late in our lives.

It was a hard life, for what I can remember. I did get a chance to talk with one of my aunts many years later who filled in a lot of blanks.

My father held down several jobs as did my mother. In between jobs my father would write bad checks to buy stuff like food, cloths, booze,etc. He spent some time in jail and was sentenced to prison after the third or more times. We spent a lot of time with our grandparents and other relatives.

I remember very little about those years but things I do remember may or may not be true. My sister Dee found out most of the information by talking to the courts, relatives she found through searches, and placing stuff in the Big Spring newspaper. Some of the things I remember most were: lots of R/C Cola; baby sitting my siblings while my mother was at work; cinnamon toast; my cousin slipping food to us through the mail slot in the door, we were told not to open the door; a rattlesnake getting in the house and Dee and I chasing it; and unfortunately not much else. I kinda lived my childhood through pictures given to us by relatives after we found them. Mostly my Aunt Mary, my fathers sister, who still lived in Big Spring.

My Mom and Dad, Rowena and Elmer Mitchell. circa early 50’s. They got married after he went AWOL from the Air Force which he later served time for, we are not sure. Since I was born in Dec of 1950, I will assume before that! She may have even been pregnant with me and that is why he went AWOL.

My sister Dee is 18 months younger than me. Then there is my birther Elmer Jr (also known as H.E.), born one year after Dee. Then comes Debra, born the day before Christmas, 18 months after H.E. and finally Lynda who was born 5 days before Christmas one year after Debbie. We thought that all the kids were born 9 months after my dad got out of jail each time.

My sister Dee and I. Not sure where or when the picture was taken but I was maybe almost three Dee 1 and 1/2. Dee calls this, Another Snappy Hat. Since we do not know a whole lot, I will add a few pictures with captions to take us to 1956 where all hell broke loose.

Me and my mother Rowena
This is me and my sister Dee with my Grandmother in the background. We assume it was at her house in Big Spring. Dee is wear a pair of my old shoes.
Me Dee and H.E. sitting in front of our house.
Me, Dee, Debbie down front, H.E. on the right, and on the left is our cousin Doyce who lived next door.

7 thoughts on “It All Started…….

    1. I know right! You wanted me to write a book but this is much easier. I can take my time and make sure we have the interesting details. Second chapter is done, just need my proof reader to approve it! LOL

  1. Good post. It’s odd, the things we remember as children. The good things are always there, the bad times, not so much. Like you, I grew up on the cusp of poor in Fort Worth. Things got better as I aged but I can still remember some of the trying times. Looking forward to more of your story.

    1. Thanks Phil. My siblings and I all agree that we think we turned out better than our life could. We all were adopted in 1957 but thanks to my sister Dee’s persistence in finding everyone, we reunited in 1991. Life is good!

  2. Even I’m excited for the next chapter & I was there! 🤗 You’re doing a great job Brother!

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